Saturday, June 18, 2011

Lif Moves ON =D

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Its been so long since I've posted anything here. Many things happened in between this time. Some good and some are bad. But, it makes me strong enough to walk in this life path.Im in my 3rd semester now. On Practicals :) Not yet get into it, I was in a RET camp last week, so this whole week frm the 20th June till 25th, we'll b on posting briefings. On 27th June I'l start my Praticals already.. Can't wait to experience it !

2 weeks and 2 days ago :) A miracle had happened in my LIFE. Im happy for what is it. I don't wana blog on it. As time goes, it will reveal on it own. Enough of publishing everywhere and at last I got nothing with me.

We'll see how it works this time. I just need happiness and some peace. I don't mind being selfish to have just this kinda happiness in my life.

p/s : I wish I do have a father too ;( Happy Father's Day to all father's in this world.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Movies :D

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Yeaay ! I've watched both Engeyum Kadhal and Vaanam movie. Superb ! I'll rate 10/10 for both the movie. :)

So now time to study for finals !

p/s : Good Luck Priya =D

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Finals Semester 2 ;)

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Finals semester 2 is on 23rd May 2011. Which means another 1 week to go. On next Monday, by this time.. I'll b sitting in my examination hall ! Its my study week now, Bt its not a holiday, a study week where we should be present to college and study there. Pfft !

But, Im on MC today. Not feeling well. Fever, Flu and asthma again & again. Feelig kinda better aft visiting Dr.Selvaraj. :) His medicines cures me earlier then it should. Wish to be as good as him one day. One very fine day. Im healing from all the pains. And really feeling much more better now.

Really regretting for letting my mum behind in many decisions I've took in my life, which goes against me right now. Fine. Im strong enough to face the consequence thats created by myself. Im ready mentally and physically. Sometimes, the memories do hurt aloot. Night markets, babies, mamak stall and etc. But, I can say that Im loving this pains. It makes me stronger aft falling again and again.

I just wish. Well, when u said Im wrong in this or that, I wish u'll be there always to guide me to the correct path. Not by just living me and going after somebody else whose better then 100% as u said. Anyway, no point talking about anything anymore.

Currently in a mood to continue to study. Just that. More to go in coming years, and Im goin to practical in few weeks time aft my Finals.. So might never get time to online. Im not sure wether I'll b in Melaka Hospital or Ipoh Hospital. Not sure on my practical venue yet, but will soon get myself updated with IT. Thats all for now then.

p/s : Bye to all my lies, fake attitudes and worst characters that had drown hell. Searching for the real me now !

Sunday, May 8, 2011

hard, but stil trying !

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Its damn hurting

And very hard this very time :/

But, I'll keep trying always


Friday, April 29, 2011

Inspiring words :)

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I've got back all the stregths that I've said i lost yesterday. Thanks to DrSachien for his talks,words, encoragement and support. Without him, I may never have the kind of mind set I do own now. I wish I should have seen u earlier. Maybe my path had been in a different and correct trak.


Well, as he says. Its not too late yet, we are stil just 19. Average of 60 years more to live. So, he askd me to plan wisely according to this 5 qualities :

1) Discipline

2) Respect

3) Manners

4) Responsiblity

5) Academics

And he told that, without the top 4 things, No point having academics in life.. Its not gonna bring anyone of us far ! He also said that only smal things in this world can merge and become big things for us.. And if the base is not strong, the building can never stand still. Altough it looks beautiful and eye-catching, it will collapse 1 day.Im seriosuly astonished on what he said. The exact words I need actually to improve. And he said many more things to be used in my daily life as a daughter, student, gal and most important, a human being!

Mesmerized, Thanks aloot sir ! N thanks to Dr.Srikanth too.. He taught me aloot of lessons in my life, His words was my stregth ! And as he said, he taught me Cardio tday on th e Congenital Heart Diseases and in 1 sight, I've got onto my mind wat it was all about. Million thanks to evryone out there who deeply wished to see some changes in myself and my life. I wish I can do some changes to help myself to stand and live in this world alone !


Additionaly, Its my College's Cport Day tomorrow. Its held in Padang DBKL,Brickfields for 9am-5pm :) Im gonna enjoy myself. I've entered few games such as netball, 'Tarik tali' with my classmates and Station Games with my gals :) Yippee ! Im gonna enjoy myself tomorrow!

P/s : Hope I wont fall in any ways and hurt my 'coccyx' again !

Till then, bye !

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Im no more the leader of Cohort 4A :D

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Seriously tired of almost everything thats going on with me. Its kinda hard for me to cope up with studies nowdays. Especially in this Semester 2. I dont know where's my stregth? I've dropped it somewhere and suffering now.

So, I took a decision to first resign my state as the Monitor of the class, wen I did so. Joseph wants to resign too. so both of us, officially resigned from being the Monitor and Ass.Monitor of the class. And there were some arguemnts at first, where some students don't wana lose us. But, at the end, we managed to convince them,and there was a voting session and a new Monitor and Ass is choosed. Seriously, Im so damn happy when this happens. Honestly. Im free form all the burdens of students attendance, Mc's and etc's.

Feel much better and relieved. And I've hurt my knees today. Hit on the edge of my class table. It hurts when I take bath. Hate it. With plaster now. Hope it will heal quickly. Tomorrow is Friday, it means ter'll b 3 hours break in between the class which the times I love the most.

I already have some plan sketched to occupy the 3 hours tomorrow. First, Im goin to head to the temple. And then Lunch, with friends or alone and at last will end up in Library with my Cardio lecturer. I do have some doubts on the Congenital Heart Disease's which is taken by Dr.Anil.. So Im gonna have some quality time with dr.Srikanth in library to clear my doubts and quesstions.

Wish to find my stregth again and get back to the track :)

Till then, bye from me !

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I neva wanted to be like any ONE of you.

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Thanks for the compliments guys.
So happy with what I've read. I dont know in which angle Im seen as the 'ONE' u said.

Im neva trying to be as any ONE of you, because I know I might not be prefect now, But I can be a 'so called' perfect one fine day.

And seriously I don't need any words from YOU.

I might be bad in my own way, But not everyone will be the same always.

Things might change,people do change too as time goes.

I never want to be as wat I was, I didnt ask to be bad.

But I was, Im learning to overcome it.

YOU dont have to support, but please dont discourage ME.

P/S : I neva wanted to be as any ONE of you even in million years.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Never say Never ♥

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I wana watch Justin Bieber's Never say Never so badly :(

No one to teman or bring me OUT!

Nvmine, I'll go alone asapossible !

Never say Never Priya! Im coming JB ♥